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Interested in joining the 6th Middlesex Regiment? Click below to contact us!

Do you like to shoot? As a member of the 6th Middlesex you burn a lot of powder.

The 6th Middlesex Regiment is easily recognized by its tight double rank of muskets held at the shoulder, the crisp halt, the ringing “make ready” command, followed by a pause that brings excited squeals from the crowd and hands clasped over ears. But the regiment is best known for its booming volleys, billowing rings of smoke hanging in the air long after the command of “forward march”. Residents have been overheard saying they can hear the 6th Middlesex coming from several miles away.

The 6th Middlesex welcomes new members, men, women, and young adults. Join our unique group and become a revolutionary war reenactor. Getting started is easy, with a little help from the regiment.


"It is an honor to fire my musket after the National Anthem is sung. I have made a lot of good friends with this fine group of people."

- Richard MacKay, 6th Middlesex Regiment

The 6th Middlesex represents the colonial period just before and during the early part of the revolutionary war. There was no organized army at this time and no uniforms. Militia and Minutemen Companies at this time wore their everyday clothing, shirt, waistcoat, and breeches with stockings. This is reflected in the photos of the regiment, where choice of clothing, colors and hat styles are as individualistic as the members themselves.

Getting started couldn’t be easier. The regiment will loan you most everything you need while you pull your kit together over time. We recommend purchasing at least a hat to get started. A hat is an essential item and you can go with a traditional tricorn style, a voyagers or work cap, or select a hat blank and create your own. Civilian hats at this time were typically quite plain with either no edge trimming, or simply trimmed in black. The company quartermaster can issue any additional items you need from the company surplus clothing locker.


What about a musket?

This is a major investment and we recommend the company loan you a musket to begin with, while we train you to load and fire it safely. When you are ready you can either purchase a musket from the company or from a number of dealers.

The 6th Middlesex is looking forward to hearing from you!

"There is nothing more enjoyable and fulfilling than keeping the past alive today as a Minuteman. Not only does it keep me connected to the past, but it keeps me connected with the communities around me."

- Alan Canova, 6th Middlesex Regiment

Manual of Arms

A manual of arms was an instruction book for handling and using weapons in formation, whether in the field or on parade. Such manuals were especially important in the matchlock and flintlock eras, when loading and firing was a complex and lengthy process typically carried out in close order. When capitalized, the term has reference to one of several important manuals, such as the British Army manual of 1764, the manual of Frederick the Great or Von Steuben's Regulations for the Order and Discipline of the Troops of the United States, adopted by the Continental Army in 1777. The positions and evolutions contained in such manuals have become the standard for parade drill throughout most of the world.

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